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Thoughts about DevOps and automation from a Windows guy

  1. Using PoshBot Middleware for Rate-Limiting Notifications

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    Somone in the PowerShell Slack workspace asked if in PoshBot, he could notify users if users send over (x) amount of messages in (y) amount of time, and to suggest using a Slack thread. Here's how you can use PoshBot middleware to accomplish that. >>

  2. Joining Paths in PowerShell

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    Frequently in PowerShell, you'll be dealing with file paths and programmatically constructing them to either write or read files. There are a few different ways to build up file paths in PowerShell which I'll go over >>

  3. Achievement Unlocked: Becoming a Microsoft MVP

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    A few days, ago I received a pretty awesome email in my inbox. I was becoming an Microsoft MVP! >>

  4. Using a Powershell Azure Function to Send Automated Blog Post Tweets

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    If you follow me on Twitter, you would have probably noticed that I occasionally send out tweets from random previous blog posts. I don’t want to have to remember to send these manually, and after reading how Josh King does it in his automated blog archive tweets article, I thought I’d add my spin on it. For my implementation, I’m going to use an Azure Function as well as a bit of blob storage to keep track of previous tweets. This way, I don’t depend on my local computer being up, and I can keep track of what posts I’ve already tweeted out, so I don’t repeat them. >>

  5. The PowerShell Conference Book

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    On Friday, July 6th, The PowerShell Conference Book as made available for purchase on Leanpub. This 'conference in a book' includes chapters from over 30 PowerShell experts and all royalties are being donated to the OnRamp Scholarship program run by The DevOps Collective. >>