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Thoughts about DevOps and automation from a Windows guy

  1. The PowerShell Conference Book

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    On Friday, July 6th, The PowerShell Conference Book as made available for purchase on Leanpub. This 'conference in a book' includes chapters from over 30 PowerShell experts and all royalties are being donated to the OnRamp Scholarship program run by The DevOps Collective. >>

  2. The Operation Validation Framework: Test your infrastructure using Pester

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    Knowing if your IT infrastructure is operating as it should is a fundamental task for any IT administrator. There are a plethora of tools and products available in the market to accomplish this task. I want to talk about another option that is free, simple, and uses PowerShell and Pester to perform the heavy lifting. This simple module is called the Operation Validation Framework. >>

  3. How to Write an Azure Function in PowerShell

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    Serverless computing, or the ability to execute code without having to manage the underlying resources, is all the rage these days. Can PowerShell join in on the fun? Yes it can! I'll show you how to use PowerShell to create an Azure Functions app and deploy a PowerShell-based function. >>

  4. Guest Post: Become a TechSnips Contributor

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    My name is Adam Bertram and Brandon has so graciously allowed me to guest post on his blog about a new service I've started that offers free, how-to content for tech professionals. OK, here's the pitch: >>

  5. How to Process File Paths from the Pipeline in PowerShell Functions

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    The correct way to write a PowerShell function that works with file paths from the pipeline requires some effort, but it will make your PowerShell scripts work more reliably. >>