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Thoughts about DevOps and automation from a Windows guy

  1. PowerShell Strict Mode

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    With the Set-StrictMode cmdlet you can turn PowerShell’s Strict Mode on, which ensures that you follow best practices in your script. I'll show you the differences between Strict Mode versions 1.0 and 2.0. >>

  2. How to Write PowerShell for Speed

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    Sometimes speed and efficiency are not that important when writing quick and dirty PowerShell scripts. At other times they are critical. I'll highlight some of the common mistakes people make when writing PowerShell scripts that cause it to slow to a crawl. >>

  3. How to test network latency to Azure with PowerShell

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    This post will show you how to test your network latency to different Azure regions so you can make the best decision possible when choosing where to deploy your resources. >>

  4. Onward and Upward

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    I've been a Systems Engineer, Systems Administrator, or a Network Administrator my entire IT career. The job responsibilities of these titles are essentially the same thing, and what is usually referred to as IT Operations these days. Soon I'll be taking the title of Cloud Enterprise Architect at my current company. >>

  5. PowerShell Readability - Why being verbose and explicit is better than clever and obtuse

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    I recently had to track down why a PowerShell script wasn't running correctly in production. It apparently wasn't working for weeks and nobody noticed until now. I didn't write this script but I knew of it's existence, still, I wasn't familiar with the code. The author of the script wasn't immediately available so I started looking into the issue. Never mind why the script broke or why it took weeks for anyone to notice :) This post is about my experience looking at the script as a first time maintainer/troubleshooter of it. >>