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Onward and Upward

I’ve been a Systems Engineer, Systems Administrator, or a Network Administrator my entire IT career. The job responsibilities of these titles are essentially the same thing, and what is usually referred to as IT Operations these days. Soon I’ll be taking the title of Cloud Enterprise Architect at my company. I’m extremely excited to take on this new role and at the same time a little sad. I’ve always been hands-on and down in the weeds from a technology perspective and this new role will require me to delegate much of the implementation details to other engineers.

This new role will take me to the 30,000-foot level where I’ll be spending a good deal of my time help lead the transition to a cloud-first company. With that comes helping to design applications and processes using the tenets of Infrastructure as Code, CI/CD pipelines, Configuration Management, automation, testing, etc. I’ll also probably be spending quite a bit of time winning over the hearts and minds of others that all this is a good idea and that the old ways of operating IT infrastructure are coming to an end.

30,000-foot level. Cloud Architect. Aren’t puns fun :-)

I couldn’t have done this without embracing change, always learning something new, never being satisfied with the current state, and with having an awesome manager pushing me to do better all along the way.

There is always something to learn, something to improve, something to make faster, something to make safer, and sometimes something to leave behind.

Here’s to a new chapter.


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